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Cleaning of Components

Representing a highly professional solution

IR6002 USA In many fields of industrial production, cleaning and drying processes are required for a wide range of different substrates, such as circuit boards, soldering frames, metal templates, metal parts, technical and optical glasses, magazines, boxes, racks, etc.

Miele industrial cleaners represent a highly professional solution. Machines come in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit the nature of the components to be washed.

Depending on the size of the items to be cleaned, washing can take place on up to 5 levels simultaneously. The standard of cleaning required varies, depending on the individual application (substrate, type of soil, processing method).

Cleaning requirements range from a simple intermediate wash (e.g. to remove surplus solder) or a thorough cleaning of surfaces prior to subsequent coating and surface treatment (glass substrates, drills, cutting tools) through to particulate decontamination in a cleanroom environment (e.g. boxes, racks and trays for silicon chips).